Leading Peru Travel Reservation Policies

Leading Peru Travel Reservation Policies

  1. Booking Confirmation: After you make a reservation, you should receive a booking confirmation either via email or through the booking platform you used. This confirmation typically contains details of your reservation, including dates, times, accommodation or tour details, and any other pertinent information.

  2. Payment Policies: Many travel agencies and hotels in Peru require a deposit or full payment upfront to confirm your reservation. The amount and timing of payment can vary, so be sure to carefully review the payment terms before making a reservation. Accepted payment methods can also vary, but credit cards are generally widely accepted.

  3. Cancellation Policies: Each travel agency, hotel, or tour operator may have its own cancellation policy. These policies often stipulate a deadline by which you must cancel your reservation to receive a full or partial refund. Cancelling after this deadline may result in a penalty fee or loss of the entire booking amount. Make sure to understand the cancellation terms before confirming your reservation.

  4. Refund Policies: If you need to cancel your reservation, you may be entitled to a refund depending on the terms of the cancellation policy. Some reservations may be fully refundable if cancelled within a certain timeframe, while others may only offer partial refunds or no refund at all. Again, carefully review the refund policy before making a reservation.

  5. Modification Policies: If you need to make changes to your reservation, such as altering dates or accommodations, there may be specific policies and fees associated with modifications. These policies can vary widely, so it’s essential to understand the terms before requesting any changes.

  6. Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against unexpected events that may necessitate cancelling or modifying your travel plans. Travel insurance can often provide coverage for trip cancellations, trip interruptions, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances.

  7. Contact your agent: If you have any questions or concerns about booking policies, please do not hesitate to contact the travel agency, hotel or tour operator directly. They can provide clarification and assistance regarding your specific policies.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before making any booking and keep copies of all correspondence and confirmation documents for your records.




If you want to arrange your reservation with us, we need:

  • Full names as in the passport:
  • Surnames as in the passport:
  • Passport numbers
  • If possible, a copy of your passport scanned and sent by mail to our address: info@leadingperutravel.com or leadingperutravel@hotmail.com
  • Date of birth.
  • If you are a student, we need a copy/scan of your International student card – ISIC student card and we will apply a discount.
  • A prepayment of 50% to start reserving and blocking the spaces and upon arrival in the city of Cusco (Peru) pay the rest.



  • To proceed to confirm all your services we need a prepayment of 50%, which can be deposited by our different means of payment.
  • For international transfer there is a surcharge and it is assumed by the passenger.



  • Cancellations before 45 days will be charged a penalty of 20% of the total amount of the program
  • Cancellations before 30 days will be charged a penalty of 30% of the total amount of the program.
  • Cancellations 15 days before the date will be charged a penalty of 80% of the total amount of the program.
  • Cancellations of less than 15 days to the travel date will be charged a penalty of 100% of the total amount of the program.

If you have a health emergency or force majeure and serious reason, contact us and we will evaluate the situation and agree on the corresponding refund amounts.

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